Mindful Massage at Salon 30 - Offering Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Chair and Pregnancy Massage
Relaxation, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

These three types of massage are used in combination and integrated into a 30, 60 or 90 minute massage.

They involve the manipulation of muscles/soft tissue and supporting structures.

These are the mainstay of Barbara's practice.  The Relaxation/Swedish massage relaxes the body and the mind while the deep tissue massage targets problem areas a client might be experiencing. 

Warm Stone Massage

For clients interested in a massage of warmth and utter relaxation, warm stone massage is for you!  In conjunction with a general full body Swedish/Relaxation massage, heated stones are applied to the body and act as the hands of the therapist, bringing circulation and warmth to the muscle tissues.  

"Spot treatments" with warm stones are always an option.  Let Barbara know at least one day before your scheduled appointment and stones can be heated and ready to use in your regular massage.  Many clients ask for smaller stones to be used on the neck and shoulder area.

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